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"Just Because" Gatherings

Who needs a reason for free food and positive conversation? Who needs a reason for a midday energy booster? Who needs a reason to get their weekend kickstarted with a casual gathering?

Here at Gathering Outreach, we think no reason is necessary! We love to share snacks around the office while putting our minds together. So much so, we decided to create "Just Because" Gatherings to include the community in the beautiful feeling of insightful discussion while eating tasty goodies.

"Just Because" Gatherings will be held at our office location in the Pearland Towncenter one Friday a month starting November 12 (11 am-1 pm). Our doors will be open to everyone who sees our event invite on social media and wants to participate in that week's discussion. In addition, each month, the discussion question will be released beforehand on our social media so you will know exactly what to expect.

This event aims to gather the community for a midday break while stimulating conversation and fostering relationships. We want to end the norm that breaks equal nonproductivity. Speaking with others on a predetermined topic widens your point of view, which most definitely equals productivity because it is a sign of personal growth.

Our very first discussion question will be:

"What is the foundation of your life philosophy?"

We hope to see you at our first "Just Because" Gathering for food and growth!

Make sure to follow us on social media so you never miss a Friday date or a discussion question.

Facebook: Gathering Outreach Community Services

Instagram: @gatheringoutreach

TikTok: @gatheringoutreach


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