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Rising Rich Youth Society

While working with youth in our community, we often hear them talking about their desire to become rich by gaining a lot of money. While there is nothing wrong with the aspiration of becoming rich, we believe that giving our youth another perspective on this idea can be beneficial in their pursuit of a successful life.

We believe it is essential to inspire our youth to become rich with skills and knowledge, which are advantageous to building a solid foundation of confidence and skills needed for future success.

Rising Rich is a FREE youth society created by Gathering Outreach designed to inspire youth (ages 11-17) to RISE RICH IN THE RIGHT THINGS like problem-solving, self-control, healthy relationship development, self-confidence, and life skills needed for overall success that leads to wealth and well-being.

What can youth expect?

Monthly empowerment activities with reputable Female and Male Adult Mentors:

  • Etiquette classes

  • Community service projects

  • Support groups

  • Youth Society Awards Event & Red Carpet Fashion Show

There will be a $100 gift card giveaway at our monthly events starting 1/29/22

If you are interested in enrolling someone, sign-up here.

If you are interested in becoming an adult mentor, sign-up here.


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