Our Services

After School

As an Alvin ISD Community Partner, students STAY at their school campus and we provide enriching after school program options that develop confidence, leadership, responsibility, character, and life skills.

Affordable, Safe, Indoor/Outdoor Fun!

Monday-Friday, 3:30p-6:30p

Youth Workshops

Our Youth Development workshops support students to be READINESS they rise from elementary, middle school, high school, college, and the real world! 

Workshops are designed by an  Industrial-Organizational Psychology Professional and Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.


Support Services

Don't go it alone. Connect with like-minded people or those you can relate with through our monthly support group meetups. Affordable and FREE Therapy is also

available as needed.

Middle School 

Our After School Program for

Pre-Teens/Teens provide the perfect space for growing adolescents to learn and develop the mindset needed before entering high school. 

Transportation, Affordable, Safe, Indoor/Outdoor Fun! 

Monday-Friday, 4:15p-6:30p

Youth Job Training 

High School Students get PAID while working with an Industrial-Organizational Psychology Expert to develop the mindset needed for the workforce or entrepreneurism.  Our cooperative learning program is designed to allow students to use their creativity, learn how to lead, work in groups, delegate, follow up, proper communications in the workplace, and so much more!

Community Events

We gather people with a purpose! Recreations, game night, couples night, family night, youth meet-ups, fitness class, dance class, events under the pavilion, and much more! 



Summer Camp

Campers 2nd-7th grade experience an AFFORDABLE, SAFE, and FUN 5-week camp like no other! Our culture of love paired with intriguing activities, FREE field trips, and so much more leave campers excited about  EVERY camp day!    

Low-Income Support

Our low-income assistance program allows families to register their students in our after school programs and workshops for FREE or reduced fees, based on household income. This program is supported by community partners, memberships, sponsors, fundraisers, and grants.  We also support families that make just a little over the amount to qualify for government assistance.  


Small businesses need space to network, celebrate, or host special business events. We are happy to help! Residential family events for those enrolled in our after school programs receive discounts for our event space.