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About Us

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Our Purpose


To bring hope and wholeness to

low-moderate income families 

by providing free, affordable, mentor-based

after school programs, summer camps,

 workshops, and support groups.

Our Mission


To inspire and enrich the lives of children, teens, and adults by building relationships, providing resources, and creating outlets that strengthen community togetherness and enhance the quality of life for all. 

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Children Embracing in Circle

Our Vision


A community where every child and adult is inspired to love and live with hope and wholeness. 

We promise to love, serve, and honor human diversity.

Our Mission

We strive to play a role in the quality of life and success for all, to help youth and families grow strong.

We are a 501c(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2012 with 3 priorities:

Youth  | Family | Community  

  • We provide safe, affordable, and enriching afterschool programs for K-5th grade students. 

  • We extend youth workshops that address critical areas that support youth growth phases for teens. 

  • We offer a co-op learning program that provides hands-on career development and employee training for 9th-12 grade students. Students EARN and LEARN!

  • We provide free support groups for youth and adults.

  • We extend adult and youth volunteer opportunities through our "GO Volunteer Local Program (TM)".

  • We host fun community events for families and are designed for the overall well-being of all. 

  • We offer facility space for our local school districts and other nonprofit organizations, such as the Adult Education Center and other local businesses that need space during the work week. 

We support ALL families and specifically target families who need help with youth services.

Our organization is positioned to help local low-to-moderate-income families access free or reduced-quality after-school programs. We also sponsor children up to 100%.

We are a multi-recognized Alvin ISD Community Partner.

We design quality after school programs that benefit local Alvin ISD students and families.

We also extend and facilitate free lunch and learn workshops to Alvin ISD families.

We believe there is power in gathering together. 

We're addressing an important issue that affects many children, teens, and adults who suffer in silence due to a lack of support. We believe everyone deserves and needs inspiring, fun, and supportive outlets. Human connections are keys to a quality life. 

As the voice of love and an advocate of hope

Through our services,

we pledge to provide outlets that inspire hope and wholeness in the community for all.


We Need Your Support Today!

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