After School Programs 


Named BEST After School Program of Pearland for SEVEN consecutive years! 

Recognized Alvin ISD community partner.  

  • Parents have peace of mind knowing their student is in a SAFE, familiar environment with loving qualified Adult Instructors and Trained Student Mentors.

  •  Students can still participate in school-related clubs, attend tutorials, and report to Gathering Kids located within the school campus.  STUDENTS STAY ON CAMPUS

Our empowering SOCIAL platforms are FUN, SAFE, and designed to inspire a healthy mindset and support child development

Our quality programs are AFFORDABLE: $75 per week
We believe that EVERY child should have access to our programs.
We sponsor student program fees up to 100% every school year to support families. 
We offer a sliding fee schedule for low-income families.
     Click HERE to determine if you qualify for a lower program rate.  

After School Programs

 Students Remain at Glenn York and Wilder Elementary

Monday-Friday, 3:00p - 6:30p 

Not Just a Place to GO but a Place to GROW!


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Fitness |Sports Variety| 2nd-5th grade

SF students are in for the BEST time of their lives!

Fitness Warm-Ups before the fun escalates: Basketball! Soccer! Flag football! Various bonus outdoor recreations and social time on freedom Friday! 

York and Wilder Students will start back their friendly fitness and health competitions (POST-COVID) that will be timed, measured, and awarded throughout the year. Students will be inspired and challenged to try new things, live an active lifestyle for physical and psychological benefits, which is vital toward a healthy future. Being involved in sports/fitness during the early childhood phase plays a crucial role in building a solid foundation of confidence, motivation, determination, perseverance, and fearlessness that would be carried on into adulthood. 

  • Activities begin after snack and GK homework period

  • Activities are conducted Outdoor/Indoors on the school campus

IMG_5007 2.JPG


Hip-Hop|Contemporary| Jazz|2nd-5th grade

Students build confidence, trust, and a contagious “can-do” mindset and will learn the importance of a positive attitude. Students will indulge in aerobic activities that are good for the heart, bones, and muscles! The power of influence on others as they cheer and dance during stage performances and community events will build good character and togetherness! 

  • Activities begin after snack and GK homework period

  • Students learn cheers and dances to perform during annual planned events



Drama 2nd-5th grade

Students build confidence and develop skills that are key to having a successful future.  Our mentoring strategies and techniques that students are exposed to create grounds for developing future leaders. Students learn how to present themselves as a cast member in a high-level stage play production.  

  • Activities begin after snack and GK homework period

  • Students practice and perfect their solo and small group monologue and vocal performances

  • Outdoor/Indoor recreations in small groups




Personal Time|Study|Socialize| Enriching Activities 2nd-5th grade

After homework, students socialize while working on various kid-friendly activities in the following areas: Art, Reading, Puzzles, Table Games, Creative Writing, Extra Homework time, and more!

Starting AUG, 2021, we are excited to offer the following NEW additions!                                

  • STEMCODING, and ROBOTIC activities! 

This program is perfect for students who want to enjoy a variety of activities on any day at any time throughout the week.  

  • Activities begin after snack and GK homework period

  • Students in this small group will enjoy outdoor/ indoor recreations

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Canvas| Collage|Painting| K-1st grade

This is the perfect introductory program where students express themselves through art. Our lessons are infused with benefits that help enhance confidence and coordination through experimentation. Students learn and experience the feeling of being rewarded and celebrated for their initiatives and creativity! Students are inspired to create and produce original artwork to be displayed during their annual GK Art Show where family and friends come together to see brilliant artwork. 

  • Activities begin after snack and GK homework period

  • Students in groups of 5 will work safely on individual art projects 

  • Students will enjoy outdoor recreations, rotating outside in groups of no more than 15

Check out the pictures of our amazing GK  Alvin ISD students below!

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