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Community Support Groups

Adults and Youth 

Group Meeting

We all need someone to talk to help us reach goals, see things in a different light, and learn a better way to handle the inevitable. That's why we offer time and space for you to connect with others.


Wouldn't it be nice to have monthly community opportunities to connect with people who share personal experiences, feelings, fears, triumphs, and coping strategies with which you can relate? Be it upcoming medical procedures, treatments, parenting, employment, relationships, or a need for encouragement, our support groups are created to support common experiences among members. 

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Our support group for youth is called: Rising Rich Youth Society 

Support Group Q & A

What is the setting like?

It is a laid-back setting. Similar to a group of friends hanging out. Small-group participants are paired with a professional to guide conversations. It is not like an AA meeting setting.

How does it work?

The support group leader will have a list of relatable questions to ask the group, and participants will engage and share their ideas, concerns, and experiences around the questions. The professional group leader will provide feedback and helpful tips throughout the discussion. You are encouraged to share tips and make suggestions to others as well.

Who would benefit from these support group gatherings?

Youth who feel: Lost, Alone, Unworthy, Incapable, Misunderstood, have no purpose, need help coping and handling stress, anxiety, and peer pressure, or simply need extra love.

Adults who feel: Drained and stressed. Need tips and strategies on raising kids, pre-teens, and teens. 

Adults who are going through significant life changes.

Adults who need empowerment in their life and career. 

What if my child needs help with grief, depression, and trauma.

We have access to professional life coaches, therapists, and counselors with whom we can connect your child for a free or reduced rate for one-on-one sessions.

Is there a place for my younger child if I’m participating?

Yes, we have 15 spots available for children in grades K-5th for parents who need child care if they participate in an adult support group.

How does signing in and out work?

If you’ve registered your child, simply drop them off preferably 5 minutes early at 8:55a and we’ll get them checked in, and pick them back up at 11a and we’ll check them out.

How long are the group sessions, and how often will we gather.

Two-hour groups sessions that gather on a designated Saturday every month. Follow us on social media to receive updates on events and gatherings.

Support Group Benefits 

Improved Network of Friends

According to a recent study, 81% of people reported their network of support and friends was helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. Our support groups help reduce stress and anxiety.

Reduces the Effects of Loneliness and Depression

According to a recent study, loneliness can cause serious mental health issues and shorten your life-span. Our support groups help fight against the effects of loneliness.

Develop Coping Skills

Our support groups help with coping skills to improve resiliency during difficult situations. 

Safe Space to Talk Openly and Honestly

Our support groups offer space that's free from discrimination, criticism, harassment or any other emotionally harmful actions help to decrease stress and anxiety. 

Compare and Share Resources 

Receive and share additional options, contacts, or resources for a variety of situations through our support groups. 

"Encourage, lift, and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all

-Deborah Day

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