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In every community, there will be problems to solve. We believe in the power and willingness of our local youth to help improve community problems. Our youth are indeed agents of change and can be positive leaders of healthier and stronger communities when given the opportunity to show up to shine bright. In working with K-12th grade students, we see firsthand the benefits of our youth connecting in meaningful ways, which can lead to hope and wholeness. We are excited to expand opportunities for youth volunteerism through our Gathering Outreach (GO) Volunteer Local Youth Gatherings.

GO Volunteer Local Youth Gatherings Will:

  • Provide additional meaning and purpose to the lives of growing adolescents

  • Increase youth civic stewardship

  • Promote community engagement amongst youth

  • Enhance youth personal development

  • Establish selfless habits that carry over into adulthood

GO Volunteer Local Youth Will help With a Variety of Things Like:

  • Cleaning local schools to help support school janitors

  • Community events (Indoor/Outdoor)

  • Working with elementary students during arts and craft projects

  • Partner with other local nonprofit organizations to support community initiatives

  • Students will also receive annual recognition for their commitment and service

Help spread the word. Get your youth signed up today to be a part of our GO VOLUNTEER LOCAL youth gatherings. Connect your youth with a powerful social movement for a stronger community while enhancing the bond of community youth togetherness.


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