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Family Vision Board Workshop

A vision board is a collage of your dreams and goals created from pictures and words. A vision board serves as motivation to keep you on the right track to your goal. This is an excellent method for personal growth, but what if we used it for family growth?

Gathering Outreach is hosting a Family Vision Board Workshop on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, from 6-8 pm at our office in the Pearland Town Center. This workshop is open to families with children in 3rd-12th grade. Childcare is available for children in K-2nd grade. Our goal is for parents and their child(ren) to share each other's visions for their family to enhance hope and wholeness.

Tickets to this workshop are $18/person, which includes drinks, snacks, and materials. Tickets for child watch for your younger children are $10, which includes drinks, snacks, and activities for them, as well.

Proceeds from all our events help provide local low to moderate-income families with quality youth programs and services.


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