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Gathering Outreach- Gathering for a Purpose

Gathering Outreach is dedicated to gathering the community by inspiring youth and adults through events, programs, and services everyone can participate in, to foster relationships and instill love, hope, and wholeness. So, instead of reiterating our mission and vision statement here, we are giving our mentors, students, and parents this platform to describe our "why" using their own life experiences with us.

Co-op Mentorship

Gathering Outreach offers high school students a chance to earn and learn real-world skills needed in the workforce. About three to four mentors working on our two campuses were once Gathering Kids (GK) students in elementary school. It impacted them so much when they were younger, they decided to continue their Gathering Outreach journey as an employee.

Junior in high school, Kendal Sooknanan says she was insecure in elementary but gives thanks to GK for providing an outlet to express herself and for helping her step outside her comfort zone. "In all honesty, I probably wouldn't be the person I am now without being a part of GK. I hope to inspire the kids just like Ms. Natahsa, and Coach Keith inspired me," she said.


Fourth-grade student Morgan Williams has been in our afterschool program since she was in kindergarten."GK is fun and educational. It's taught me how to be a better person and makes me feel good. It's a fun experience because I've been in every club, and my mentors have taught me real-life lessons," she said.

Travis Kelleher is another fourth-grade student who has also been in GK since kindergarten. He has grown into his personality in our clubs and enjoys learning the rules of different sports with our mentors. Travis said, "GK makes me feel comfortable and safe. I am not the shy kid anymore."


GK parent Sarah Husbands has been a part of our community for over four years. Her student has been in three of our clubs to date, where he has had valuable exposure to many different activities he would not have experienced otherwise."GK actively facilitates friendships between a diverse group of students through shared experiences," she said. "The students work together alongside caring and supportive mentors to overcome obstacles, which builds self-confidence...You must experience it to know the difference."

Sponsored Parents

Gathering Outreach believes everyone deserves the same access to our programs. This is why we created a sponsorship program for Gathering Kids. We sponsor student program fees up to 100% every school year to support families and offer a sliding fee schedule for low-income families.

Sponsored parent Tasha W. thanks GK for helping her family during a new life transition. "The financial support I received took a huge burden off my shoulders," she said. "Not only that, GK allowed my kids to step out of their comfort zone to explore other talents they didn't know they had. Now, I have natural-born actors parading around the house."


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