Residential Member

It's affordable. You receive discounts on all of our services and discounts from 50+ local stores and restaurants when you show them your GOCS membership e-card. Additionally, 30% of your monthly membership fees help sponsor a child, family, or those in need of financial support with after school programs or self-improvement services to help others live a successful happy life.


Best of all, you'll experience an intimate connection of community, family, love, support, and togetherness through your membership.  

Business Member

Our affordable multip-purpose rooms are professionally designed to spark creativity and are built to help local small businesses and organizations grow efficiently. Business Members receive discounts and free services and will have access to extend thier brand during our community events. Additionally, 30% of monthly business membership fees help support our cooperative learning and scholarship program for local high school students.

Business members are honored during our annual awards banquet and monthly newsletter highlights.


Our environment is perfect for thriving entrepreneurs and small businesses to meet, celebrate, and network. Our monthly workshops for leaders in the workplace, access to our gatherings where you can build relationships with your target market, directly, and utilize our facility for your business event needs are amazing benefits of being a GO Business Member. 


Human connection is essential and plays a role in your level of happiness. Lower anxiety, depression, and regulate your emotions by becoming a member. We offer fitness classes with child-watch, workshops that will improve life at work and home, child care programs, support groups, NLP therapy, and a host of indoor/outdoor gatherings and recreations for all! 


We focus on our youth's mindset because no matter the skills a child excels in, mindset plays a more critical role in the longevity of life application of all things learned. We offer after school programs, youth-fit classes with engaging music, group projects, group discussions, recreations, and much more! Our programs are strategically designed to bolster self-confidence, conquer stress, manage conflicts, and much more! 


Our name, "Gathering Outreach," doesn't exist without reason, it's what we do- gather people for a purpose! Our gatherings consist of fitness, a variety of life-changing support groups, game night, dance class, karaoke, group therapy, and life enhancement sessions related to relationships, career, and self-improvement. The list goes on and on! Our gatherings are fun, engaging, and, most of all, you can come and be 100% YOU!  

Community Services

We are always happy to help. Reach out to us and let us know how we can serve you, your school or business through our tree of services.



Phone: 832-418-6595

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