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Youth Fitness Message

Fitness starts with you and ends with you. It's you against you. There's no comparing yourself to others. Competing and comparing are not the same. Stay focused on your progress.

As a Youth Fitness Competitor, you compete to strengthen yourself, to give you a sense of pride for every win, and to practice processing disappointments in a healthy way for every loss, eating healthy, and doing your body good.


Fitness Group
4th - 6th-grade students


Fitness Regimen-Schedule

Every Tuesday, Thursday 5p -6:30p

Saturday Youth Fitness Bootcamp 9a - 10a

Fitness Benefits

* Nutritional guidance from a Certified Nutritionist

* Healthy eating challenges and prizes

* Fitness Frenzy Field Course every 90 days

* Learn proper form from Certified Youth Fitness

* Coaches and Volunteer Doctor of Physical Therapy

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