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Program Fees

The cost for any GK program is $75 per week, per child. There is a one-time registration fee per student, of $75.  All fees are nonrefundable. Weekly fees are not prorated for days that school is not in session or days your child is out. If school abruptly closes due to the weather or any other reason, for more than three consecutive days, fees may be prorated. Weekly fees are NOT deducted for Christmas break, Spring break, or Thanksgiving unless you have registered your student to participate in our school break camps. In the event of a declared disaster or pandemic, program fees will automatically be reduced to $25. If the impact of the disaster or pandemic lasts more than three weeks, all program fees will be halted. A $5 sibling discount will automatically apply toward weekly program fees. 


Summer Camp

The cost for the summer camp DAY schedule (Mon.-Fri. 7:30a-3p) is $145 per week, per child. The EXTENDED day schedule (Mon.-Fri. 7:30a-6:00p) $165 per week, per child. There is a one-time registration fee per student, of $75 to secure your camper. All fees are nonrefundable. A $5 sibling discount will automatically apply toward weekly program fees. 


Participation Waiver and Consent 

IN CONSIDERATION OF my child listed within this form, being allowed to participate in any way in the Gathering Kids After School Program related events and activities through the Gathering Outreach Community Center and ALVIN ISD  acknowledges, appreciates, and agrees that: The risk of injury to my child from the activities involved in these programs is significant, including the potential for permanent disability and death, and while particular rules, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious injury does exist; and, FOR MYSELF, if applicable; SPOUSE AND CHILD, I KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, both known and unknown, and assume full responsibility for my child’s participation; and, I willingly agree to comply with the program’s stated and customary terms and conditions for participation. If I observe any unusual significant concern in my child’s readiness for participation and/or in the program itself, I will remove my child from the participation and bring such attention of the nearest official immediately; and,

I myself, my spouse, my child, and on behalf of my/our heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, HEREBY RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS Gathering Kids, Gathering Outreach Community Center and ALVIN ISD its directors, officers, officials, agents, employees, volunteers, other participants, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, advertisers, and if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used to conduct the event (“Releasees”), WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, or loss or damage to person or property incident to my child’s involvement or participation in these programs. I HAVE READ THIS RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT, FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS.


Permission to Transport As Needed

I give permission for my child to be transported in a motor vehicle (bus), driven by a competent adult representative of a company or a sole competent adult driver designated by The Gathering Outreach Community Center or Alvin ISD. I understand that my child is expected to follow all applicable laws regarding riding in a motor vehicle and is expected to follow the directions provided by the driver and/or other competent adult volunteers.  I have read and discussed with my child that:  (1) They will be traveling in a motor vehicle driven by an adult and they are to wear their safety-belt while traveling;  (2) They are expected to respect each other, the vehicles they ride in, and the people they travel with during the trip;  (3) Riding in a motor vehicle may result in personal injuries or death from wrecks, collisions or acts by riders, other drivers, or objects; and  (4) They are to remain in their seats and not be disruptive to the driver of the vehicle. I assume any expenses or damages that may be incurred in the event of an accident, illness, or other incapacity, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses. I hereby RELEASE AND AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Gathering Kids  Alvin ISD, the school staff, coaches, volunteers from any and all liability for injuries, damages, medical expenses, or any other loss to my child or family or me (including attorneys’ fees) arising from or related to my child’s participation. 

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