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Board of Advisors

This group of composed professionals extend thier expertise in helping to stabilize and maximize our position and service to the community so that our efforts are always fresh and effective. 

Our advisors are rooted and grounded in our core values of love, leadership, service, and diversity

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Dr. Christopher Brazzle


Board Advisor

Dr. Chris Brazzle is a 2X Best-selling author, Professional Speaker, entrepreneur, educator and leader. Dr. Brazzle was featured in NBC, FOX, CBS, Google News, Huffington Post, Amazon and a host of other channels. He is also a husband and father to three amazing children.  He loves basketball, spending time with family, traveling and playing games.


He has been called “One of the greatest speakers to ever speak.  The way he engages with his audience and how he makes you feel is tremendous.”


Growing up the youngest of seven by a single mom on welfare in Washington Park in North Miami Beach, FL, Dr. Brazzle began speaking at the young age of 10 at churches, schools and other opportunities throughout the city.  In high school, he was inspired to continue working with youth as he presented on several occasions during his sophomore, junior and senior years.  In college, he discovered his passion and decided to major in Special Education at the University of South Florida.


During Dr. Brazzle’s first years of teaching, he was invited to host and speak at several school assemblies where he helped inspire and motivate thousands of students to succeed in school and life.  Many students have said, “Dr. Brazzle is the reason I am the person I am today.”  He has remained that champion for students for two decades and counting. As a professional speaker, he continues to educate and inspire audiences throughout the country to change their mindset using the leadership principles he teaches in order to get the greater results they want.


Dr. Brazzle is the founder of L.I.M.E.Light Transformations, where he provides an array of services ranging from consulting to speaking engagements to professional development.

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Michael Woods


Board Advisor

Michael Woods is the proud owner of TransportingTogether Transportation. Michael Woods retired from NCR as the top field director and has over two decades of leadership and project management. Michael currently serves on the finance board for the Fountain of Praise and has the heart to serve. He is a stickler for active listening and offering sound wisdom.

"None of US is as smart as ALL of US." 

-Ken Blanchard

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