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Specialized Youth Services

What is NLP? 

Neuro (your mental and emotional process), Linguistic (your words), and Programming (your behavior).

Our NLP Therapy professionals teach techniques on how to take control of thoughts, select the most resourceful words, and organize ideas to produce appropriate actions for desired outcomes.


Children and Teens may experience a lot of pressure as they try to make sense of their place in the world. Our Therapy and NLP professionals use various therapeutic tools to help youth understand their thoughts and emotions and the effect it has on behavior, attitudes, and outcomes. In addition, we help children and teens identify triggers to keep a good healthy balance of their emotional responses.

Our ultimate goal to help children and teens maintain their hope, wholeness, and overall well-being.

What is Life Coaching?

A Life Coach (LC) helps to improve areas of life by helping to identify blocks that hinder success. A Life Coach helps you gain clarity, stay focused, and break negative patterns to achieve goals. 

People Who Use NLP Therapy 

  • Lawyers

  • Doctors

  • Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs 

  • Students (5th Grade and up)

  • Performing Artist

  • Anyone seeking to enhance their career and life 

Benefits of NLP

  • Manage difficult people and relationships

  • Reduce stress/ anxiety and cope better

  • Increase self-confidence 

  • Emotional healing and breaking bad habits

  • Develop problem-solving strategies 

  • Communicate better (School & Home)

  • Strengthen leadership capabilities


Information provided by and to a client during therapy and/or coaching sessions is confidential. GOCS Therapists, coaches, and office personnel will not inform others that you or your child are in therapy or coaching and the content of sessions/meetings will remain confidential. 


Booking service through Gathering Outreach supports our mission. 

We do not accept insurance for these services.

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