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Monday - Friday | 4:30-6:30p | Transportaion from School Included

We have mastered the ability to help students maintain a balance between academics and activities after school. We know how to, and quite frankly, are EXCITED about keeping students motivated as they explore themselves, new interests, and passions! 

We are expanding minds and opportunities! Middle School students deserve their own space to rejuvenate their uniqueness by enjoying a fruitful break from a hectic daily schedule.


Students build confidence in resolving everyday conflicts or problems at school, using techniques designed to produce positive outcomes.


Students indulge in positive group discussions, fun engaging  recreations and projects that develop life skills, character and confidence with a trained mentor.  



Students are picked up from school, and taken to our secured facility, in the PTC.  Parents receive a real-time text message when their student leaves their school, arrives at our location, and leaves our location. 


Homework is priority. Students are given a prepackaged snack and will be directed to begin working in a relaxed, inspiring climate. Homework assistance is available if needed.


Through our program, students enhance emotional and cognitive skills needed to effectively communicate with others, in school and overall life.  



Middle school students need an environment tailored just for them. Growth happens when students feel supported and heard.

We listen. We mentor. They grow!

Program Benefits  

Self-defining opportunities are embedded in our program design through activities that give a glimpse of what it means to become an adult and what it's like to belong in society. 

Physical activities allow growing adolescents time and space to stretch, exercise, along with a little downtime to relax and reflect on their day. Students are guided by trained mentors for all activities.

Creative expressions of thoughts, feelings, interests, and abilities are exposed through our role-play activities, group projects, including dance, sing-alongs, competitions, group discussions, and much more! 

Competence & achievement is important for middle school students. Our activities are designed to fulfill their hunger in emotionally safe ways, for chances to do well, as they work to prove themselves amongst peers.

Positive social interactions with peers and adults are essential for middle school students. Our mentors encourage and oversee to ensure that student relationships are positive and respectful.


Meaningful participation is our goal and purpose for all activities, to help shape and prepare the lives of students who will transition from middle school to high school, and then off to the real world of college or the workforce.

Program registration includes a one time $75 fee, and $115 per week, which includes transportation from school to our facility in the Pearland Town Center. We are located next to Russos's Pizza.

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