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Help Make A Difference 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about ways you can help our youth services. Volunteering comes with benefits that can boost your resume while creating an amazing experience of life fulfillment and purpose.

We believe that your time is a precious asset that you can not get back once it is spent. 

We are dedicated to ensuring that you get maximum benefits, honor, and stand-out recognition for giving your best commodity; your time. 

Join a team below that is rooted and grounded in our core values of 

love, leadership, service, and diversity

Team Meeting

Event Support Team 

If you enjoy being a hands-on volunteer who can fulfill a checklist during community events, while working with people, then join our Event Support Team! Help support amazing community events throughout the year!

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Event Committee

If you enjoy leading, creating, event planning, and working with people, then join our Event Planning Committee! We host several small events and 2 large events for the community each year. We welcome and need your talent and ideas to help organize events from start to finish. Committee members work directly with board members and help grow a team of volunteers to support and spearhead things to do during events. The event committee meets monthly or as needed with e-collaboration throughout the year.  

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Board Member 

If you have skills and talent and enjoy the process of strategic planning, researching, creating, and maintaining a system of services that benefit others, then apply to become a

GO Board Member or Advisor. Our board will meet for 2 hours, at least 5-6  times a year, and will e-collaborate throughout the year for a two-year service term period.   

Zumba Dance Class

Expert Team

Share your expertise, give back, facilitate workshops in your area of expertise, lead fitness, dance, guided meditation, and youth and adult career development and more.  Joining our Community Outreach Expert Team is a great way to strikingly build your brand and resume! Meet and work with other professionals while sharing your expertise to benefit the community!

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Adult Youth Mentor 

Mentoring our youth and being a positive outlet and resource is our mission and purpose, and we need your help!  As an adult male mentor, you will give practical advice and encouragement to youth boys ages 11-17. As an adult female mentor, you will give practical advice and encouragement to youth girls ages 11-17. We are building a Youth Society where you will play an intricate role in helping our youth RISE RICH IN THE RIGHT THINGS, to become empowered to make positive decisions, communicate effectively, and develop the life skills needed for personal and academic success.

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Our organization is always busy preparing for the next impactful community gathering and we'd love to have you on our list as an emcee or moderator to offer community members the best time of their lives! Join our expert moderator group to spearhead powerful discussions during our categorized small group meetups. If you are an extrovert with a positive, cheerful, vibrant, and welcoming Spirit, join our Emcee group to facilitate AMAZING events throughout the year!   

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart."

Elizebeth Andrew

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